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Client Hold Harmless Agreement - COVID-19

Agreement to HOLD HARMLESS

Client Hold Harmless Agreement - COVID-19

The guest will be referred to as the “Client”. The Client acknowledges that he/she has reviewed the Government recommendations regarding COVID-19 and the risks of exposure to that virus. The Client in booking an appointment promises to save and hold harmless the business and all it’s representative including staff, contractors & vendors from any and all COVID-19 related legal claims arising from their willing to partake in using the facility.

The Client acknowledges that he/she has had the opportunity to seek independent legal advice with respect to execution of this document.

May 7, 2021

Client Attending Facility

RISK Assessment Questionnaire
Please Self Assess & Confirm the following: (Yes or No to the following)

7. Client, I understand that I am using the facility with others and will take extra precautions to limit touching surfaces when not necessary & or fixtures in the facility.

8. Client, I will sanitize and wash my hands throughout my time in the facility. This will limit the spread of germs on surfaces. I will also be mindful not to touch unnecessary surfaces to minimize contact and limit the spread of germs.

9. Client, I understand face masks are required and will be worn throughout my time at the business. I will sanitize my hands prior to putting on the mask.

10. Client, I understand that safety glasses are suggested but not required.

11. Client, I understand that my temperature will be taken upon entry to the business. I consent to staff, employees & contractors to take my temperature.

12. Client, I will respect social distancing and remain outside of 6ft of anyone during my time at the spa. PPE is necessary when social distancing/physical distancing of 2 meters or physical barriers cannot be maintained.

13. Client, If I feel any symptoms of illness before my appointment I will contact the spa and let them know promptly. I will do so through email or by phone or by texting.


By signing this document, you declare that the response from you the “Client” to all questions are true and accurate. If anything changes in your answers you will inform the business immediately. The business will review the information collected for healthy, safety and security purposes. The business has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

May 7, 2021